Canadian Winlink Operations Team

The focus of the Canadian Winlink Operations Team is to facilitate training Canadian amateur radio operators in the use of Winlink Express to support local and regional mutual aid communications. It will focus on setting up your Winlink station; use of telnet; multiple modes; Peer to Peer (P2P) communications; and  training exercises.  This will include the use of local Winlink gateways; direct communications with RF; operation from your home station; and portable operations. This group supports and encourages Canadian Winlink Wednesday training nets.

Members of the group must be licensed amateur radio operators and sign all posts with their First name and call sign(s).  Members of the group are encouraged to organize/schedule Peer to Peer (P2P) on the air training sessions.  Winlink is not designed for traditional Net Control Station (NCS) traffic on most amateur radio frequencies. 

On VHF/UHF, the practice has developed to operate on local packet radio frequencies AND also operate on FM voice to provide NCS opportunity to interact with all stations in range of the training session.  The NCS can call for Winlink traffic between the NCS and one station.  That traffic will be passed using Winlink digital modes.  Once the traffic is passed, the two stations return to FM mode.   The NCS can also instruct two net stations to pass traffic direct using Winlink digital modes.  Once the traffic is passed, the two stations return to FM mode on the net frequency.  

Home/portable stations can make contact with a HF Winlink gateway station using various digital modes.  Two HF stations can arrange to practice Peer to Peer (P2P) on the air training sessions.  P2P contacts can be coordinated through this group page.  

This group exists to provide specific training related to the use of the Winlink messaging system on Amateur Radio.  Many regions do not have a critical number of Auxiliary Communications Service trained radio operators who have opportunity to regularly train in the use of Winlink.  A decision has been made to offer this training to all licensed amateur radio operators in Canada.  This will enable the group to experience Winlink traffic using telnet; VHF/UHF and HF. 

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